What About Other Punishments?

This is our instruction as parents-not to punish, but to teach. If we fail to teach our children then they will violate the Law of both God and the land and they will face punishments. But vengeance and recompense are God’s, not ours, to demand. While we are the first reflection of God that our children see, let us not arrogantly put ourselves in God’s place and demand that our children worship us instead of the Lord-or even until they are able to worship the Lord. Let us always be instructing them in the ways of the Lord. Let us not put our law above His in their hearts and let us not hold them to a higher standard than God does-God who does not make children accountable for upholding His Law!

So, God does punish, but this does not mean that as parents we must punish. In fact, the Bible is clear that we should not. References to parents punishing that are being used to encourage believers who are suffering for their faith do not provide a sound basis for a doctrine that the Bible teaches parents must punish. Instead, our job is clearly outlined in Scripture-to teach; to disciple; to correct and to impart to our children the value of God�s Law. Let us be about doing that!

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