History of Spanking

Add to this the conflict of interest many Christians are faced with when their young children accept Jesus which makes them brothers and sisters in faith. The current Christian teachings about spankings create parents who are told to be one way to their children and another way to their fellow believers. When a child becomes a fellow believer what is the parent to do? Continue “beating the devil out of the child” who is already redeemed by the blood of the Lamb? Or abandon a practice they have been told is required by God for parenting in a Biblical way?

I would hope that there is enough question brought to the table from this brief exploration into the history of the teachings on spankings to cause even the most devout defender of the practice to be willing to reevaluate their understanding of the verses in question and the practice itself. If so, I encourage you to read more on this site and the sites to which I am linked. There is very strong argument presented here that even the rod verses do not instruct parents to spank, and that punishments are not necessary or helpful to the parent who wants to model Jesus and His love to their children while raising well behaved and properly trained children.

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