The Spanking Files

A wonderful woman and great supporter of Grace-Based Discipline has encouraged me to put together all of the information I have related specifically to spanking. While all of the stuff “to do” is helpful, she has found with the women she talks to that getting over the deeply ingrained belief that the Bible says we HAVE TO spank is the greatest hurdle people have.

And, I know she’s right. Books, volumes even, have been written on why you have to spank, HOW to spank (despite the fact that this is one element completely missing from any Biblical text), when to spank, etc. I’ve avoided this topic because it’s the hot button. I’ve dealt with it as it’s come up in specific conversations or online threads. And she’s gone around and collected all those posts to show me how serious she is that I need to do this!

So, here they are: the spanking files. I hope that your questions or objections will be answered here. If they aren’t, email me and I’ll update these pages as needed.

I want to start with the first question I’m typically asked-how many times does something have to be in the Bible before we’re expected to do it? The answer, as far as I’m concerned, is once.

There’s a catch, though, and this is one of the things that has caused me to take so long to get around to doing this. . . . according to God’s Law no one may be the only witness to something-there must be two or more witnesses. We are also told by Paul to test the Spirit and see that it is from God. For these reasons I have never found any teaching in Scripture that can be supported by only one verse. And, if it appears to be supported by only one verse, I have found that it’s not the verse that is in error, but my understanding of it.

Another issue that must be addressed with this topic specifically, is that of proof-texting. Put simply, proof-texting is what occurs when you pull a handful of verses from the Bible and use them to support a doctrine. What is happening, though, is that you are approaching Scripture with a position already in your mind about a topic, and you believe it is supported in Scripture when you find some verses to back you up. In other words, “The proof is in the text.”

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