False Doctrine of Spanking

If a spouse were spanked without permission it would be nothing short of spousal abuse and the authorities should be called. Anytime one person uses a hand or object to strike another person they have been “hit”. Interestingly, many pagan women find that their embracing of such a strong feminist position and goddess worship leaves them feeling out of balance in the relationships with the men they love and they turn to sado masochism and domestic discipline within the bedroom in order to restore balance to their earthly unions.

Yet there are so many within the church who have put an empmhasis on spanking children as both a requirement of Christian parents to prove they are strongly committed to living Scripture and to guarantee their children’s salvation. When a pagan who believes in valuing and protecting their children, is aware of the maternal forces in the world and tapped into her maternal callings put in her by her Creator (whether she realizes it or not), and believes in spanking with her husband in the bedroom as part of their most intimate sexual acts is confronted with Christianity as a religion that requires spanking children she is often viscerally repulsed. To ask her to apply a sexual act to her child to teach and love is not something that even makes sense. She wants nothing to do with such a twisted approach to family. And those who do embrace the Gospel and love God because he first loved them and accept Jesus as their savior, if they do get involved in a Church, often feel less than while they refuse to spank their children but are afraid to tell anyone lest their salvation comes into question or they are accused of being backslidden.

It is illegal to spank children under age 2 and over age 12 in Canada. It is becoming illegal to spank in South Africa. The issue is being debated in England and laws are being proposed in various states throughout America that would limit if not make illegal the supposed “right” to spank. The United Nations is taking a stand against the idea of spanking children. While Christians proclaim that this is evidence that they are being persecuted for Christ. At a seminar led by Michael Harris, well known author and head of the Home School Legal Defense Association, at the 2005 Arizona Families for Home Education annual homeschooling conference, the warning was given by Mr. Harris to not spank or threaten to spank in public because “the world” is going to report you. Everyone was assured that they still have a legal right to spank, but because the Church is being persecuted they have to act in secret. The seminar deteriorated into a group sharing of all the legal and secret ways to hurt children in public and not attract attention. Yet nothing the Lord instructs us to do must be hidden in secret for fear of persecution. Daniel was confident to pray in full view of the city. He knew that when he was thrown into the lion’s den he had done nothing wrong and the Lord would be his defender.

Do believers truly believe that the Lord will defend striking children with hand or object when he said that what is done to the least of these is done to him? Do believers truly believe that spanking is endorsed and required by God when he says that anyone who offends one of the little ones who loves him would be better to have a millstone hung around their neck and be thrown into the sea? Do believers, who admit that spanking sometimes angers their children, truly believe that this act falls under the instruction of Paul to parent without provoking your child to anger? Is the church of today going to find itself in the history books grouped with those of yesterday who defended slavery and wife beating with Scripture? We are the Jesus that the world sees. Our lives are our testimony. It is currently the church’s testimony that children raised in the Body of Messiah are required to be struck. It is no wonder that pagans reject the Bible when they are told this is what God requires.

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