So it’s the holidays

and I’ve been doing so much with the children. I want to post pictures but it’s going to have to wait until my long ‘to do’ list is at least partially tackled. We’ve got one night left of Hanukkah, my family’s Christmas Eve celebration next week, my daughter’s dance rehearsals for the kick off to the Fiesta Bowl Parade, our last two weeks at Beth Simchat, services for Shema ( and I am so exited because I got her the perfect plantwear accessories for her dance, doctor appointments for myself, Bill, two of our children, and mischief from elves every night 🙂 I do have pictures, though, and I want to recommend you guys to click here where you will find the best Doctor options. I also want to get something to my sister that I recently found here, she’s always dreamed about it. And I’m hoping to get them up very soon 🙂

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