Where is God When I Need Him?

No, that would be too personal. A mother isn’t to blame when her child dies in
a car accident. A home burning down isn’t a sign that your family is on par with
Sodom and Gomorrah. So many sufferings are experienced because of sin
even being in the world—and sometimes other people’s free will choices. Why
doesn’t God intervene more often? I don’t know. I believe, though, that He
knows you’re ready to go through it.

I heard a preacher say one time that God cares less about what you’re going
through, and more about how you’re going through it. Well, I believe God
cares very much about what you’re going through! But I agree He cares more
about how you’re going through it. There is much in the Bible about persevering
through trials and tribulations. As Believers we cannot think that we are immune
to these things—these verses are addressed to Believers! We cannot think the
God of love is permissive and wants so badly for us to like Him that He will do
anything to keep us happy. Neither should we believe that God is punitive and
everything negative is being done to inflict pain because that is the only way we
will learn.

We learn through so many ways—clear Biblical instruction both directly from
the Word of God and through wise teachers, preachers and counselors. And,
sometimes through pain.

The answer to the question, ‘”Where’s God now that I need Him?” is “Right
there.” And maybe, “Turn around.” And I think the problem with answering the
question “Why do good people suffer?” has less to do with the answer, and
more to do with the question. We don’t always get to know why. Sometimes
we may never know the reason; sometimes we see it in retrospect. Instead, I
try to ask this question, “Dear God, as I go through this struggle, what are you
showing me about yourself and about me? What do you want me to learn?”

When you blame yourself you feel deserving of the pain. When you blame God
you don’t let him be your comforter, your refuge in whom you find peace.
When you stop blaming and go home to your Abba Daddy you can learn from
the peaceful resting place of His arms, where He longs to gather you like baby
chicks under his wing of protection.

So, if you’re struggling . . . look to God. Don’t ask why, but seek to
understand both Him and yourself better. Learn all you can. Grow. And know
that you aren’t alone. The Body is here to lift you up in prayer and with
encouragement and point you always to the Answer.

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