Fullness in your role as a woman . . . what an honor and a blessing that is. And it’s only in that fullness that you can begin Honoring God At Home. Yes, this is a heavy topic. But we need to get this before we can move into all that we’re called to do. Think today on who you are. What do you like? What do you want to change? Who do you want to become? Let’s start with the end in mind and set some goals to get us there. Submission is to your spouse but is the voluntary laying aside of your selfish goals for the benefit of someone else.

It’s okay to have separate goals, but not as your husband’s expense. It’s good to have your own interests, but not to the extent that they prevent you from caring for your family. When you embrace being a wife and mother as your primary ministry, as your career, you can begin finding fulfillment in putting your individual skills to use to bless your family and yourself. You can love your husband and your children and create a home where you can all thrive.

Submission is something you must voluntarily choose to do in order for it to be real. And submission is to God, other believers, your husband, and your calling in life. When we struggle against these things we find strife and discontent. When we submit to them we find fulfillment and begin the Titus 2 ministry of loving our husbands and children and blessing our homes with our gifts and service.

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