I have to laugh sometimes at the accusations made against me that I don’t believe in submission. Nothing could be further from the truth! We are called to submission as believers; we are called to submission as wives. True, I believe, from a theological position, in mutual submission both in the Body and in the home, but I am not responsible for my husband’s choices and stand accountable to God for my own. So the question must be asked, “Until you understand your role in the home, how do you ever hope to fulfill it?”

I have had the distinct pleasure of being Bat Mitzvah’d. This is the Jewish rite of passage normally celebrated by a young girl of 12 and after being Bat Mitzvah’d she is considered a woman. In my “sermon” (you lead the entire Torah service and then speak) I spoke about rites of passage and the fact that in the Gentile community we are lacking this particular rite of passage-the one where a girl becomes a woman. Perhaps that’s partly to blame for the fact that many women don’t understand what is expected of them in their role as woman, wife and mother. I know this was the case for me. It was a truly blessed day as I shared the experience with my husband who was Bar Mitzvah’d alongside me.

I’ve been working on learning these lessons for many years. It’s interesting to be around the Jewish women of our congregation. They seem to have much more confidence in their womanly roles. I’m reminded that Paul told Titus to have the older women teach the younger women these things. So many of us have no one to learn them from-those of us who do seem to have women who aren’t, themselves, totally confident in what they’re doing. So we try our best, we do what we can, as we learn we apply it. And we limp along in what God has called us to do.

Deep in our hearts, though, we believe that God wants much more for us than what we’re doing and what we understand. Hang on for this one—–HE DOES! You see, our role as wife/mother/homemaker is our PRIMARY MINISTRY. The more that God wants for us doesn’t involve us leaving the home to go and do something “else”. It involves experiencing the fullness of THIS! It involves the joy and richness and fullness of being a wife, mother and homemaker. When I realized this, so much made sense!

My role is important. My role is a blessing and a calling. I’m not “just” a mother. I’m a MOTHER IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD! I’m not just a wife. I’m a WIFE IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD! I’m not just a housekeeper. I’m a HOMEMAKER WHO IS MAKING A HOME FOR A FAMILY IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD! A royal servant is much more than just a domestic maid!

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