Standing in the Gap

Standing in the gap for your circle of influence is found in Scripture when Ezekiel stood in the gap for his people. When God wanted to destroy them Ezekiel stood up and pleaded with God to remember His people and His promises to them. Ezekiel was there, in prayer, intimately talking with God about how a situation should go forward. Ezekiel prayed for the protection of the Israelites and God heard Him. The Bible calls this standing in the
gap—where there is a gap between individuals and God, God wants to know where His people are. We need to be in the gap. God wants to know where we are when there is an opportunity to stand in the gap for our people—our families and our friends. Where are you?

One of the dear moms on the list wrote to me with her responses to my questions about challenging you all in the area of submission. She gave me permission to share her conclusions so I want to do that today.

She listed 4 goals that I think God, and Ezekiel, would be proud of. They sum
up beautifully what it takes to stand in the gap for someone. Prayer—fervent
and passionate prayer—as well as working to develop yourself so you don’t
get pulled under in the spiritual war. And the “who” is perfect—her immediate
circle of influence. Family then friends with whom she has personal contact
and RELATIONSHIP. And she starts and ends with God—her desire to
seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and, finally, her desire to
work on herself so that she is a better servant.

To have daily quiet time with my Lord.


To pray *passionately* for my husband and our children.


To pray fervently for the unbelievers that I care so deeply about.


To work on myself so that I become a better servant to and witness for the


Lofty goals, to be sure, but so very much worth the effort.

And she summed up her desire towards her children in this beautiful way:


“Lord, help me to meet my children where they are and lead them to where
they need to be.”

So much is said in that one sentence. Because before we can lead we must
know where we’re going. That is the essence of modeling and is one of the
most important parenting tools we have. She is speaking of
relationship—meeting her children where they are. She talks of
leadership—having a vision and starting with the end in mind so you can
always keep in perspective the daily choices and whether or not they are
serving to take you where you want to go. And she knows who she needs to
ask this from—it’s not anything we can do in our own effort; it takes the
blessing and empowerment of the Lord.

So today I share these with you. I encourage you to consider them and to
pray about your own goals. I ask if you have considered standing in the gap
for your family. And I pray God’s peace and blessings on you this day.