The Ways of the Tzaddikim

Originally posted at MamaDomain.

I’m reading an amazing book of Rabbinic commentary, The Ways of the Tzaddikim (Righteous), on what it means to walk in Righteousness according to Torah. I have been blown away at the obvious references to things that are clearly exactly what Paul, or James, or Peter, or Yeshua/Jesus were referencing. And while, granted, it lacks an understanding that Yeshua provided salvation, this book is very much like reading the NT epistles!

As with all things I find myself reflecting on what the things being said have to say about parenting–and the ultimate statement is this: how I parent reflects everything about me and nothing about my children.

So I thought I would go through the book as I read it and offer thoughts inspired by my reading that speak to the issue of parenting.

The book is divided into chapters about Gates–Gates of character qualities that Torah says should, or shouldn’t, be found in us. How to address them, what to do about the qualities, etc. I’ll be applying the topics to parenting. I hope you enjoy them and are inspired by them.