How to Make Your Husband Feel Like a King


I think this is important since we, as wives, are not slaves or concubines or members of a harem in a real palace. Our husbands have no Biblical authority to order us around or control us. Yet we want them to feel like a king in their home. Revered and honored and adored is the goal.

Here is a list of suggestions, things I try to do at different times. Sometimes I’ll work on one until it becomes a habit. Other things I’ll do as time permits or when I think of it. The key is to never become a martyr, but to continue doing these things out of love and sacrifice.


  • Never make a meal I know my husband will hate without providing an
    alternative meal for him

  • Make a favorite meal of my husbands at least once a week.

  • Make a dessert he loves

  • Have the children help me run through the house before he gets home and
    clean up the floors. If time is tight then at least straighten the front room.

  • Create special, stress free, times for him to spend with the children

  • Create special, stress free, times for him to spend with me

  • Make sure I am making sex a priority (I will say more about this below)

  • Before my husband gets home do one thing to fancy up (brush my hair, put
    on makeup, get dressed )

  • When he’s doing something I asked him to do, don’t tell him how to do it

  • Don’t scold or treat him like a naughty child when I’m unhappy-go to him
    like an adult with whom I need to work something out

  • Be creative in ways you get his attention for unmet needs (more on this
    below too)

Okay, here’s the “below” part:

Sex. Let’s be honest-they need it and usually more than we do. Too often, though, this ends up looking like a game of chase where we’re doing all we can to look invisible or unavailable. Sometimes it leads to fighting…sometimes he gives up. And so many things can interfere with this part of our marriage being healthy-our own health which you can take care being healthy with a diet and supplements like kratom capsules, being over-touched by little ones or other issues in the marriage.

During our worst period (i.e. I was sicker than any other time, we had two small little ones-one special needs and one high needs, my husband was working long hours and nights and I had little help, etc.) we had to come up with a solution. We actually had two that worked at different times.

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