How to Have Self-Esteem

How do you develop these things? Get tapped into God! Love is a Fruit of the
Spirit. The tree can’t work really hard and push to make the fruit grow. It just
happens. As the tree is rooted in the soil (the Word) and watered from the
spring (the Holy Spirit), each branch (Believer) that is connected to the vine
(Jesus) will produce fruit!

And when we are producing the Fruit of the Spirit we will be doing what is
good and right and pleasing to the Lord. We will Love God. We will be
patient, kind and expecting right behavior from ourselves, and others. We will
be fulfilling the two most important commandments in which all the Torah and
Prophets are fulfilled!

Remember, though, it’s a process. All of life is. And the first quality mentioned
under the description of Love is “patience”. I believe this is for a reason! We
can’t rush our growth. We must embrace it. As with birth and all other natural
processes, when we interfere we risk messing things up. But while you’re being
patient, strive to be kind. Keep no record of wrongs. Delight only in the truth.
Study and put into practice the Torah. Jesus discipline develops self respect.

Our culture has repeatedly proven that people with high self esteem can be
moral-less. But in order to have high self respect, we must have Love. Develop
this and you will be leading a life pleasing to the Lord and beneficial to
everyone around you, including yourself!

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