How do you keep it playful?

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  • I work very hard to foster a team spirit in our house, and this has led to
    everyone pitching in so that one person isn’t doing all the work – because when
    one person loses we all lose, but when one person wins we all win.
  • I try to remember that nothing has to be done in a way that makes people
    miserable, nothing is “just easy” when you’re a child, and children don’t see the
    world the way adults do (simple jobs are daunting, large messes are
    overwhelming, play is much more important than cleaning).
  • I also take their lead in games so that things are fun for them. I figure they are
    children and their job is to play. I can fight to stop that and make them serious,
    or I can embrace that and facilitate the play so that responsibilities are
    accomplished and achieved, too.
  • Story telling with a moral! Lately I’ve been stopping my children and telling
    them parables where “a little boy” or “a little girl” is struggling with a similar or
    the exact same issue they are, and I talk about what makes these story children successful and what makes them unsuccessful and the importance of choosing wisely. It seems that because the story isn’t about them, they are more open to the instruction.

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