Right vs. Judgemental

So when I say “I do it because it’s the right thing to do” I don’t mean it as a judgmental statement, but as a statement of personal conviction. I say it meaning that even if I don’t see the immediate results I have seen the long term results in children and know that it’s the right choice even if it doesn’t seem the easiest way to stop “this” action. I say it meaning that I will not allow my frustrations to dictate my discipline choices but will constantly pull my thoughts back to my ultimate goals, my desired “end” results, and do what I believe to be right. I have seen that with enough creativity I can face any parenting challenge and, in the long run, the results are there. And I say it because I’m not doing it for the results, I’m doing it because even though the results will happen, it’s the only discipline choice that I see respecting my child and treating my current and future brother or sister in the Lord the way I want to be treated.

God has always called me back to the parable of the servant who is forgiven much and then turns around and refuses to forgive his fellow servant little. That servant then has all he’s been forgiven held against him and he’s punished severely. I don’t want to be that servant. With all that God’s forgiven me I cannot even begin to hold my children up for judgment on their minor acts against me. I have stood and defied God. I can forgive my child defying me. And it’s with the same love and grace that God used with me (both very active words, not passive) that I want to restore my children into relationship with me. We are called in Scripture to have the first be last and the last first. We are called to serve our brothers and to treat the least of these as we would treat Jesus.

I’m sure that you’ve been encouraged to look at discipline in light of the words “discipline”, “chastisement”, “obey”, “beat”. I want to encourage you to do a study on the fruit of the Spirit and on the qualities of Love and Grace and determine where these are to fit into parenting. It is these qualities that I believe make up the GBD approach to parenting and *this* is why I say it’s the *right* thing to do.

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