Do Unto Others

Certainly first time obedience makes a parents’ job easier, though easy isn’t anything I can find promised to parents in God’s Word. And before anyone suggest I’m arguing that children should not comply with their parents’ instructions, nothing could be further from the truth. The purpose of the tools in GBD are that they foster cooperation and ensure compliance. The fourth step of the Five Steps is for the parent to help the child to comply. I would go so far as to say in my home failure to comply is not an option. I simply do not confuse compliance with Biblical obedience and I do not put a standard on my children’s behavior that the Lord does not put on them, or on me as His child.

The Bible teaches that we, as parents, have a God-given responsibility to teach our children right behavior and to correct their wrong behavior in such a way that they will willingly choose to obey us. I believe that if we are being the Christians God calls us to be then this will happen. This is why Paul teaches Timothy to look to a possible leader’s family and see how they are before giving someone a position of authority over the Church. Their family is a reflection of who they are and how they conduct their lives.

This is where I challenge you to go to the Scriptures and look for words like “love”, “grace”, “kindness”, “forgiveness”, “joy”, “patience”, “peace”, “goodness”, “gentleness”, “faithfulness”, “self-control”. Where are these principles in your relationship with your children? Are they even present in your parenting? If not, I strongly recommend you reconsider what is motivating you as a parent. God does not control us, and He is to be our model as a parent.

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