What people are saying about Grace-Based Living

“I come from a very heavy punitive background and definitely started noticing that it just wasn’t working with my first daughter. I definitely didn’t want to have to spank harder or more frequently to “get results” so I frantically started to search for alternative methods and found Grace Based Discipline. I LOVE it. It gave me the “what to do” that I didn’t have to move away from spanking/punitive parenting. Now it is starting to feel like second nature for the most part, and I have a lot more confidence in what I am doing! My girls are disciplined – but not spanked. And they respond just as well, if not better, than my spanking friends’ kids…and might I say, are the only kids in church who sit through the whole service! Although I do believe I am just getting lucky on that one…” — Rachel Kral

“GBD allows me to not only understand my child better, but set gentle guidelines that set him up for success. I can’t imagine being a single parent without these tools; he knows he will be loved unconditionally and allowed to explore his feelings without fear or shame.”   — Rachel Angel

“Having a bipolar daughter and an autistic son, Grace-Based Discipline has been THE WAY to go in our home. I’ve seen the difference in their behaviors and their reactions to others who are punitively disciplined. It’s amazing!  Thanks!”  — Melissa

“GBD has changed my life!!!!”  — Jacqueline Griffin

“GBD showed us that scripture doesn’t call us to punish our children but rather to disciple them, and how to do that. We are our children’s coach, not judge, and enjoy being on the same team instead of at odds with each other.”  — Layla (mother of three) and Lockett (mother of two), sisters

“When we first started our parenting journey we fell into a very rule based and authoritarian parenting style, spanking became our first (and only) method of “discipline”. When we finally saw that we were expecting more out of our child with “first time obedience” than we were able to do ourselves, we found Grace. With GBD as our guide, we’ve raised four children with the new understanding of relationship as priority, not obedience. We learned tools to help our children through all the phases from babyhood to young adulthood. Grace-Based Living extended into our relationships with how we understood God and how we understood our roles as parents.”  — Bill and Tonya Pearsall

“Like many other Christian parents, I assumed that I would have to spank my children to be a Godly parent. It was through reading Crystal Lutton’s writings that I learned that this was not what the Bible teaches. But grace-based discipline goes far beyond spanking or not spanking. At its core, it is about our relationship with God and growing into the parents He has called us to be. Grace based discipline has caused us to confront pride and anger, to heal from past wounds, and to develop greater compassion, wisdom and self-control. Our children have responded to that, as well, and are learning to make right choices out of love and trust rather than fear of punishment. I am so incredibly grateful for the peace and healing that we have found thanks to the truths of grace based discipline. I can’t wait to read more of her work!”  — Dulce Chalé

“Grace-based parenting provides my children with the underlying foundations for the reasons they should believe in the reality of God’s love. They don’t have to fear failure or disappointing those they long to please. This enables Christ’s very root-based love to shine through with a model of forgiveness we are commanded to display.”  — Scott Gilreath

“Our family is reaping the benefits of incorporating Grace-Based Discipline in ways we never imagined. Early in my parenting career, I knew that adversarial methods like spanking or other punishments weren’t something I was comfortable with. By being given tools on how to set boundaries and still be respectful of my instinct and of my child’s emotional and developmental needs, we have enjoyed a very close bond and a very meaningful relationship. She knows that I care about her feelings, so she doesn’t have to go to very desperate measures to get her message across to me, because she knows that I’m in tune with her and ready to receive her messages and attempt to respond to them appropriately.”  — Kathryn