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~A Practical Guide For Developing Positive Family Relationships to Last A Lifetime~


Goodyear, AZ – February 4, 2013 – Over the past decade, Grace has become the buzzword of the faith community for everything from scholarly and academic studies to discussions in books, blogs and small groups. But applying Grace to our lives can be difficult unless we truly understand what this gift from God entails. Author and expert, Crystal Lutton, announces the release of Grace-Based Discipline, a practical guidebook that equips families with the tools needed to successfully navigate through the bumps and roadblocks of life.

“I developed Grace-Based Discipline as a framework for discipline that is based on the scriptural model of discipleship, life skills that apply to parenting and all relationships, and effective tools to help you fill your own toolbox,” says Lutton. Through her experience as a pastor, theologian and counselor, she is able to explain what Grace is and how to apply it to your life in a practical and applicable way. She also discusses ways to apply Grace to your marriage through conflict resolution and setting healthy boundaries. “When conflict arises, healthy conflict resolution strategies can help you arrive at a solution built on scripture, prayer and family unity,” states Lutton. The book also analyzes the ways that healthy boundaries allow each family member to define their role and space in the family.

Grace-Based Discipline is packed full of useful parenting tips and ideas that will strengthen your family relationship. Throughout the book, Lutton explains important topics such as age appropriate or ‘age expected’ behavior and how her Grace-Based Discipline Window can offer a healthy balance on parenting roles. Her inclusion of the 5 Steps To Compliance makes available a practical system that sets a child up for success through help and mercy. She also has a chapter dedicated to parenting kids with special needs. “Every child is unique, every parent is unique, every family is unique, and Grace-Based Discpline will look different in every home,” says Lutton. She hopes that you will find joy in your parenting journey and echad (plural unity with God).


Crystal Lutton is the mother of all trades. She runs a busy household homeschooling her five children (ages 8-15), counseling families through Arms of Love Family Fellowship, author of two books: Biblical Parenting and Grace-Based Discipline and an ordained minister with the Church of the Nazarene. All of these roles have uniquely prepared her for her calling – equipping fellow believers in their own walks of faith.