Grace-Based Living


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GBL2013CoverA Practical Guide to Joyful Relationships!

Grace is a trendy buzzword! It beckons from websites, books, blogs —
Let’s face it, “grace” is everywhere. As an academic study it has spawned
debate, dissertations, even denominations. We are taught:
* grace is amazing and wonderful!
* God extends His grace toward us in abundance.
* Grace is life-changing.
But can grace impact our lives in a practical way that helps us navigate
the nitty gritty of family interactions?

Using in-depth Bible study coupled with rubber-meets-the-road
experience from her own life raising 5 unique children with her husband
of 16 years, Crystal crafts a solid teaching on grace that blows the lid off
the academic box grace has been kept in.

Building on the principles she introduced in her book Biblical Parenting,
Crystal demonstrates how grace can be effective in:
* Creating a foundation of love and respect for your family
* Removing conflicts from your relationships
* Moving you through short term challenges to meet
your long term goals

Grace is a gift from God that changes everything!

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Grace-Based Living
has been written for use by individuals.  For classes and small groups using Grace-Based Living, an additional study guide to facilitate discussion is available for free download.