Biblical Parenting

I love sharing in the articles here on, and I try to make everything at the site work together.

However, many people have found that it does help to have information about Grace-Based Discipline put together in a logical presentation and in one tidy package.

Biblical Parenting is written in a detailed yet easy to read style to suit all readers – from busy parents on the go, to parents-to-be, to curious friends and family who would like to learn more about the tools that are working so well in your family.  Biblical Parenting was written for parents, but I’ve also gotten a lot of feedback about how the tools and ideas presented have impacted marriages and other relationships.

That’s the wonderful thing about Grace – when you start understanding how Grace applies to your children, you begin viewing others around you differently as well.

Embracing Grace-Based Discipline will help you become the parent you’ve always desired to be – And Biblical Parenting is the perfect tool to help you along your journey toward Grace.

In the book, you will find

  • A detailed summary of Grace-Based Discipline (GBD)
  • Theological arguments supporting GBD
  • Comprehensive Exegesis of the ‘Rod Verses’
  • Practical Tools and Applications for GBD

An additional study guide will also help you focus your study as you read the book, and also contains exercises and tips to help you clearly understand and apply GBD to your own household.  The study guide is also useful for book clubs and groups wishing to have a discussion guide to facilitate reading through the book together.

Editorial Review:

Pastor Crystal Lutton has worked extensively with children and has seen, firsthand, the phenomenal results of Grace-Based Discipline. This tried-and-true method of raising children can be implemented at any age with success. Based on biblical teachings, GBD is a nurturing, God-centered approach to parenting your child from birth to

This carefully researched method of parenting has received results for families and children of all ages, backgrounds, and family structures. Taking the stand that parenting is a covenant and not a burden, GBD insists on the formation of loving bonds of trust and mutual respect that begin at birth and will carry on throughout a lifetime. These bonds help the child to foster good relationships with parents and peers with the added benefit of establishing a sense of self-worth that will be essential to a successful life.

Editorial Review:

The saying “The Proof is in the Pudding” accurately sums up the overall success of the lessons on discipline promoted in Pastor Crystal Lutton’s book, Biblical Parenting.

I have the unique pleasure of personally seeing the results of proper disciplining by Pastor Lutton, because I know her children Liam and Fiona. It is clear that Pastor Lutton’s guidelines for ‘Bringing up Baby’ are working; the proof is in the kids.

While there are endless volumes of material available on the subject of parenting and motivating your children to behave in acceptable ways, this book stands out, if for no other reason than for it’s emphasis not so much on how children are supposed to act, but on how we, as parents, are to re-act in a variety of disciplinary issues that arise.
For example, in her discussion of the three types of discipline; namely, permissive, authoritarian, and Grace Based, Pastor Lutton drives home an obvious point that we as parents all too often forget – – – our children’s behavioural responses and overall development are just as much a result of our ability (or lack thereof) to properly guide them on a daily basis. The behavior therefore, that a child ehibits, is not separate from the disciplinary measure we employ – – – it is, in fact, a product of it.

By far the greatest difference that this book has among many others dealing with the same topic, is that naturally, everything Pastor Lutton says is backed up by the word of God. The appendix is most helpful in showing us not only which Bible verses address the subject, but what their original meaning is. (Yes, Virginia, you too can understand what ‘Spare the Rod’ is actually talking about!) Clearly then, the success of this book lies not simply in the suggestions and principles themselves, but in the fact that they are proven to be effective, since the have the seal of approval from the greatest parent of them all – the Almighty God. An informative and enlightening read.

-Rabbi Jack Zimmerman
Founder, Today’s Librarian Magazine.