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I want to encourage you all to check out the great blogs that have featured my articles or have offered reviews and giveaways for Grace-Based Living.  There is an amazing network of mommy blogs and I want to give back to the sites that are supporting me and the goal of gentle parenting.



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Family Focus Blog – Parenting Alternatives to Spanking

Telegram – Q and A Interview on Spanking – SpankOut Day

eHow – Raising the Stakes: Bedtimes, Allowance and Responsibilities

Natural as Possible Mom


Book Reviews and Giveaways

Bellyitch Blog – Book Review – 10 Answers to common reasons parents give for spanking their children – and Giveaway Contest

Motherhood Moment – Parenting Pointers: Grace-Based Discipline

Parent Click Reviews

Family Focus Blog – Book Giveaway



Radio interview with Kathryn Raaker: Part 1  Part 2

Other News Found on the Web

The New York Times – Preaching Virtue of Spanking, Even as Deaths Fuel Debate*

*Correction to the article, Crystal Lutton does not run GCM/GBD but rather owns and