The Arms of Love Family Fellowship, founded by Crystal Lutton, is a ministry devoted to mentoring moms and dads in a positive discipline approach called Grace Based Discipline.  This method has demonstrated success with people with special needs, large groups of children and one-on-one situations, with short term and long term results.

Arms of Love Family Fellowship does not believe the Bible to be optional for faith or to be subject to personal interpretation for understanding. Rather, we believe that proper study, or exegesis, will take into account the original language, the genre of the writing being studied, the context of the passage, and the culture to which it was written.

While some would argue that to consider culture is to decide for yourself what you want to believe, this is not the case with sound Biblical study.  Rather, the culture helps illuminate the intent of the author by helping us, as much as possible, to read their words with consideration of the original audience to which it was written.

While the eternal truth of Scripture applies to all times, there are elements of the writings that it must be remembered were written to people who really lived in a specific time and place. Where that understanding aids in our understanding, it is helpful in considering it.

AOLFF also agrees that once a sound exegetical study has been conducted there is room for liberty in the area of application for many things in one’s life. We are all unique creations of the Lord and the Holy Spirit is able to guide us in applying all Truth to our lives.*

To further our purpose of promoting Grace Based Discipline (GBD), Arms of Love Family Fellowship is also working to be a child and family advocacy group. We have held local events for National SpankOut Day and are encouraging pro-family and pro-child legislation that will benefit GBD-minded families, though we are in no way a political or official lobbying group. We support Attachment Parenting ideas as being the most relationship-forming practices for mothering babies, though GBD can be embraced by anyone regardless of their personal choices in parenting babies.

Crystal is available to do private counseling sessions, and is willing to meet over the phone, or email for personal and parenting life coaching. Crystal does not want anyone to be in need and unable to find help and offers her services on a sliding scale.  Please contact her for more information.

Arms of Love Family Fellowship
P.O. Box 12403
Glendale, Arizona 85318

*Arms of Love Family Fellowship agrees with Statements of Faith from these organizations:

Fuller Theological Seminary

Church of the Nazarene

Messianic Jewish Alliance of America